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Parents who sign up for the Infinity 100 Affiliate Program can train in the year-round 1v1 1hr program or the Sunday 2hr program with Coach Brown or Coach Derrick Robinson for the cost of their $100.00 monthly Infinity 100 membership only. This will save parents $300.00 a month and allow parents to earn residual income through our power of 4 system. This creates a win win situation for our famlies in the program. Infinity 100 teaches people how to trade on the Stock Market successfully through a series of step by step video lessons.

This is a great way for parents to help pay for college. Our college students can also earn residual income while attending college and learn the stock market with Infinity 100 when they graduate.Parents can develop a monthly residual income of $50,000 plus in 8 weeks with our 8 week power of 4 program.

We have 24 1v1 total 1hr spots for the affiliate program Monday - Wednesday 5pm-9pm. We have 40 total spots available for the Sunday group training affiliate program 3pm-5pm which includes the D-League starting March 9th, and the off-season training program. The affiliate program is for parents who want to save money and earn money while receiving world class basketball training for their students. Details and steps to sign up are listed below.

Hello Parents, Fellow Coaches, and Any Groups Or Individuals Needing To Make Money

To the point of showing you your fast track to financial freedom! I can have you set up in ten minutes and prepared to build a $5,000 - $50,000 monthly residual income in only 8 weeks..

This program is time tested. Our Parent Company, Multiplex Systems Based In New York is 12 years old and debt free. They have an A+ rating with the BBB and paste if necessary) Our Affiliate Program Infinity 100 is 5 years old.

Click Here to listen to the live recorded company overview with owner, Peter Wolfing

Steps to financial freedom fast: 1. Week 1. You get only 4 people who fund their paypal account with $100.00 along with you before all of you sign up. 2. You sign up for Infinity 100 using the link below. After you sign up use your link to sign up your 4 people the same day. Week 2. Your 4 get their 4 and sign them up using their link. This is called "The power Of 4". Everyone only has to sign up 4 people within one week or less. The key is to have your 4 people all ready to sign up the same day with you and everyone starts out in profit that day. Duplicate this process for 8 weeks and you will have a residual income of $51,000 a month.

This is direct affiliate sales with a reverse two up compensation plan. This allows you to be paid daily and instantly. It also helps you create a 5 figure monthly residual income in only 6-8 weeks.

We are  currently over 100,000 members strong worldwide.

Steps To Sign Up

Step 1
Sign up for a free Premier Paypal Account. If you already have a Premier Paypal Account skip to step 2
You must first have a Premier Paypal Account .  Confirm that you have the correct account type by logging into your Paypal account.  Right next to your name , it needs to say "Premier" (If you already have an existing Paypal Business account that is fine too)  If your account says "Personal" call PayPal at 1800-514-4920 and ask them to upgrade you to Premier.  Upgrading is free and this step is necessary in order for you to accept residual $100.00 payments.

Step 2
Add $100.00 to your Paypal from your bank account. This takes 3-5 days. You must have  $100.00 already in your Paypal account before you sign up for Infinity 100.You can fund your paypal account instantly with a Green Dot Money Pak card from Walmart store, or if you have a paypal debit card or paypal credit card connected to your bank account.

Step 3

Click here to join Fill in your contact email
Fill in your first and last name - phone
Choose a user name and password for your website
Click submit - Use your user name and password to sign into your website
Click on profile tab and complete filling in your personal information down to password.
Skip About Me Information
Where it says payment information: How people will pay you within the system
Scroll down to paypal and fill in your paypal email address and scroll down and click the update tab.
Click the tab below to check that your payment link works properly. Your paypal icon will appear. Click on the paypal icon and your paypal information will appear with a $2.00 sample. This means your link is working properly and you can receive payments.
Click the return arrow to go back to your website and click the make payments tab to the right and make your $100.00 recurring paypal payment to complete your membership.
You are now ready to start making money. Click the return arrow to get to your home on your website. Copy & and paste your website link to promote. Email it to yourself and test the link to make sure it works. Sign up your 4 the same day.That's it!
For More Info, Contact Your Sponsor:
James E. Brown 972-816-6939