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This is great way for parents and coaches to build residual income, retirement income, pay for college etc. The National Wealth Center has three residual income affiliate programs. The $25 self development program, $50 business development program, and the $100.00 wealth development program. There is an $9.95 admin fee. (Total $184.95)  

Peter Wolfing is the CEO of the National Wealth Center. His parent company, Multiplex Systems Inc. is 16 years old, debt free, with an A+ BBB rating. Coach Brown has earned passive residual income for over 20 years. Parents and coaches who sign up for this part-time business with coach Brown will have the opportunity to build three streams of residual income.

Sizzle Call 718-867-1900  24/7  Listen Now!!!
Biz Opp Call Live Every Wednesday 9:00pm Central Time 
605- 562-3140 pin 248643#
Men  Wednesday Morning 30min Prayer And Encouragement
6-6:30am Central Time: Prayer And Encouragement
call in at 605-475-4700   602974#

This is an easy, profitable opportunity

Your Earnings Are Unlimited... Below are
your potential earnings!!!

10 memberships sold 10x$175.00 = $1,750.00 Residual Per Month!
20 memberships sold 20x$175.00 = $3,500.00 Residual Per Month!
30 memberships sold 30x$175.00 = $5,250.00 Residual Per Month!
50 memberships sold 50x$175.00 = $8,750.00 Residual Per Month!
75 memberships sold 75x$175.00 = $13,125.00 Residual Per Month!
100 memberships sold 100x$175.00 = $17,500.00 Residual Per Month

Steps To Sign Up New Members
a. Click on the link below to join.  (Click Start Now)  Fill in your contact email.
b. Fill in your first and last name and phone number.
c. Choose a user name and password for your website. Keep username short, example username jeb comes at end of your link                
d. Enter listed code, agree to terms, and submit to join
e. Pay $9.95 membership dues with credit or debit card, click continue
Go to the top of the dashboard page 
Click on Join Levels and select the $25.00 Self Development, $50,.00 Business Development, and or $100.00 Wealth Development. (Make Payment). 
Click on my account at top right side of home page and select profile. Set up the way you want to be paid. First Data Merchant Account is recommended if want be paid instantly.
Copy this email and replace the NWC link with your link and the sponsor name and contact information with yours. Everyone you sign up duplicates this process.

Your Sponsor: James Brown
You are now ready to start making money. Click the return arrow and go back to the home page. Copy and save your National Wealth Center link to promote. Call Prospects And Send Them This Email With Your Sign Up Link And Contact Information.