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This program is design to prepare students to achieve their maximum potential through nine weeks of advanced basketball skills, daily instructional games and conditioning training. They go through drills that improve their overall basketball skills, basketball IQ, speed, agility,quickness, and strength. This program is open to players 9th grade - college who aspire to play high school varsity, possibly earn a college basketball scholarship, or professional basketball contract.

.In the recent New York Times Bestseller “Outliers”, author Malcolm Gladwell makes the case that it takes 10,000 hours to truly master a skill.  Today’s youth are playing more basketball games than ever.  The increase in games has also led to a decrease in the average amount of time today’s youth spend on their individual skills.  As player’s progress in age, today’s coaches also tend to spend more practice time on team concepts instead of individual skill work.  In an attempt to improve the overall individual skill instruction, Nike has begun hosting summer skill camps with LeBron James, Chris Paul, and other elite NBA players.  While only the nation’s elite level high school athletes are invited to these camps, the individual drills the players participate in can be used by anyone serious about taking their game to the next level. JEB Basketball School has been successfully using this concept for over twenty years

JEB Basketball School unique year-round training program has produced over one billion dollars in scholarships and pro contracts combine for our clients over 26 years.

Players 9th grade - College who aspire to earn a college basketball scholarship will be evaluated by JEB Basketball School coaching staff. Over 5,000 college coaches use the NCSA network to find players. College coaches in the NCSA network strongly recruit JEBBS basketball clients because how well they are prepared overall for college through our 20 plus years of proven methods for basketball and life skills development. Ninety percent of our committed clients earn scholarships.

This program is directed by JEB Basketball School Off - Season Training Directors, Coach Brown And Carven Holcombe.

Mckinney Salvation Army 600 Wilson Creek Parkway, Mckinney,Tx 75069

2021 Schedule

Days and Times

Monday - Thursday
5:00 am - 8:00 am
June 14 - July 1st
July 5th - August 12th 
Total of 9 weeks

Cost: $200.00 per week paid on or before each Monday.

(Or $900.00 Pre-Pay And Save $100.00 per week)